• What is Kalasala Program?

    TANA is pleased to announce that it has partnered with the renowned Sri Padmavati Mahila Visvavidyalayam (SPMVV), Tirupati, AP, India to offer advanced diploma courses in Dance and Music.

    SPMVV (University for Women) is a reputed University from India supported both by the UGC and the AP State Government. SPMVV was founded in the year 1983 by Sri N.T.Rama Rao, the then Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh, with the fervent desire to train women students as better builders of the Nation and to inculcate skills of leadership in all aspects of life. The university is imparting education exclusively for the women in various disciplines for the realization of the founder's dream vision of facilitating and promoting the cause of women's education.

  • What are the different courses offered?
    • Diploma in introductory Music/Dance (after successful completion of Level I).
    • Diploma in Music/Dance (after successful completion of Level I and II).
    • Advanced Diploma in Music/Dance (after successful completion of Level III and IV).
  • How much does each course cost per year?

    Admission Fee is $350/ for each course and level which includes $300 for admission/course material and $50 for exam.

  • How many credit hours do I get?

    For Advanced Diploma - 48 credits (Theory) and 48 credits (Practicals/skill) with a maximum of 12 Credits (Theory) and 12 credits (Practicals/Skill) per year.

  • What are the Teaching/Training hours?

    Students are expected to have two hours of theory and two hours of practicals per week.

    • After successful completion of one year of the Diploma Course i.e. after passing Level I, the student will be given a Diploma in Introductory Music (Vocal) or Dance (Kuchipudi and/or Bharatanatyam).
    • After successful completion of two years of the Diploma Course i.e. after passing Level I & Il, the student will be given a Diploma in Music (Carnatic Vocal) or Dance (Kuchipudi and/or Bharatanatyam).
    • After successful completion of the four years Advanced Diploma Course i.e. after passing Diploma Levels Ill and IV, the student will be given an Advanced Diploma in Music (Vocal or Instrumental) or Dance (Kuchipudi or Bharatanatyam).

    In case a student leaves the course

    Students who have left the course after level 1 and level 2 are free to enroll back into the next level as and when it is convenient to them. They will be awarded the respective certificates based on the level of completion of the course.

  • How do I enroll?


  • What’s the admission procedure?
    • Admissions are open to women candidates only.
    • Classes for any of the courses could be taken by any student with any teacher as long as they follow the prescribed syllabus of SPMVV.
    • Students should get a written approval from their teacher before enrolling in the course and email it to
    • Minimum age at the time of admission should be 10 years. There is no upper age limit for the Music or Dance courses.
    • Admission Fee is $350/ for each course and level which includes $300 for admission/course material and $50 for exam.
    • After Teacher’s approval, students can enroll online through the registration link on this page within the due date. TANA will maintain all the details, coordinate with the SPMVV Department of Music and Dance and with Examination section for the conduct of the examinations.
    • Examinations will be conducted at the end of each year by TANA while the SPMVV faculty will facilitate the process by setting the question papers for each level.
    • The list of examiners will be selected based on their qualification by Board of Studies of Music and Dance of SPMVV.
    • The faculty of SPMVV will conduct the final exams including the practical examinations at the end of the fourth year.
    • The minimum percentage of marks to pass a course is 45% (D Grade)
    • Candidates who secure 70% or more marks in aggregate will be declared as passing with “Distinction” (O grade)
  • Can male students also enroll in this program?

    No- this course is offered by Sri Padmvathi Mahila Viswavidyalayam (SPMVV) which is a accredited Women's University and only females can enroll in this program.

  • I am unable to enroll by clicking on Kalasala Enrollment button .

    Our enrollments for academic year are open once a year starting in September. We close enrollment by end of September. We will have a message that shows when the enrollments will open again for next academic year

  • Do we have any course material for this program?

    Yes- University (SPMVV) will share the curriculum and self-study material for each level of course after your enrollment.

  • How are the written and practical exams conducted?

    Every year at every course level we will conduct a 3 hour written exam and a practical exam with the curriculum shared for each level. Students need to obtain 40% or higher to be passed and moved to next level. Kalasala coordinators will share details of how exams are conducted and with dates and times to emails provided during enrollment.

  • Level 1 Exemption Process:
    • For senior students who are learning dance and music for several years can be eligible for Level 1 Exemption test and if passed can be enrolled in Level 2 directly
    • Your teacher can help you assess if you are ready for Level 2.
    • Once you and your teacher agree you can take Level 1 exemption test- please email us at Kalasala@tana.orgrequesting Level 1 Exemption application.
    • Kalasala coordinators will email you application, instructions to send the application, exam date/time information, Level 1 curriculum  and other details.
    • Fill the application and write a $50 check payable to TANA and mail the application and check to Kalasala coordinators (Will share details at time of application process)
    • Test - We will schedule a virtual session with the University (SPMVV) Professor who will conduct a online assessment – this assessment includes oral questions related to theory and practicals provided in Level 1 curriculum.
    •      If your assessment result is 'Approved'- you can enroll in Level2. If your assessment result is 'Not Approved'- you can enroll in Level 1
    • Any questions on this process- reach out to us
  • What do I expect after enrollment?

    After enrollment- you will receive a welcome email from our coordinators along with your level curriculum and a pdf version of text book. You will continue to work with your teacher to master your level curriculum (written and practical) to take a written and practical test in September.

  • Can I drop after my enrollment?

    You can drop out from your course until 15th Oct- we will refund your amount. Please email us at for request to refund.

  • Can I drop out after Oct 15th?

    After we finalize the enrollments- we cannot refund your amount. How ever you can choose to defer your payment/enrollment to next year.

  • When do we know about exam dates and times?

    Our exams (written and practical) will be in September- we will inform you on the dates and times by August 1st or 2nd week so you can be prepared for your tests

  • Do we have a model question paper?

    Yes - we share model question paper along with other exam(date, time and format) details for each level and course

  • Can I enroll in 2 courses (Example- Music and dance) at the same time?

    Yes – we have students who are enrolled in two different courses at the same time- we will personally work with you to accommodate your tests accordingly.

  • Can I change my teachers after enrollment?

    Yes – You can change your teachers any time after enrollment. Inform your new teacher on your curriculum and exam schedule so you can be prepared.

  • What if either the student or teacher has any questions regarding the study material or the program?

    You can reachout to Kalasala coordinators with any questions you may have about the course material or the program by sending an email to We will be happy to provide clarification.

  • I did not receive my text book- how do I prepare for my exam?

    We provide students with pdf version of text book as soon as enrollement is completed. Pandemic related logictics issues are preventing timely delivery of printed text books. We are making every attempt to get the printed books for the students and teachers. Meanwhile, we encourage students to print out pdf and prepare for your exam.

  • How do I know if I pass or fail in my exams?

    University (SPMVV) will send assessment results as soon as exams are completed and coordinators will share with you. Minimum of 40% is expected in theory and practical to pass the level. Students will receive final Marks List (for each level) and Completion Certificate (after completion of levels 1, 3 and 4) from the University.

  • Do I have to pay my fee again if I fail my test?

    Yes- you have to pay your yearly enrollment fee again if you did not score 40% or above in your tests.


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