Kuchipudi is an established dance form that originated in Andhra Pradesh. This classical dance is named after the village Kuchelapuram, 65 km from Vijaywada in Andhra Pradesh.

Kuchipudi is known for its impressive, quick footwork, dramatic characterization, expressive eye movements, and spirited narrative. It is a blend of tandava and lasya elements. A distinctive feature of this dance is the execution on a brass plate and moving the plate to the accompaniment of Carnatic music.

The Kuchipudi is a dance drama of Nritta, Nritya, and Natya. The Nritta consists of Theermanams and Jatis, the Nritya of Sabdams, and the Natya of acting with Mudras (hand gestures) for the songs. Nritta encompasses steps and movements in the form of patterns of dance that, though beautiful, have no meaning to convey. While fast becoming a solo presentation, Kuchipudi still has strong ties to the dance-drama tradition. It combines the elements of speech, mime, and pure dance. It takes at least seven to ten years to master this art form.


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